Old St. Olav Cathedral deconsecrated

Sunday 25. May 2014 was the last day for church ceremonies in old St. Olav Cathedral. In the evening the church room was deconsecrated, and the Holy Sacrament moved to the temporary chapel in the parish hall. The church is now ready for demolition. See video and photo album.

Dom Albert Maczka and p. Egil Mogstad celebrated the last 11-mass in the old St. Olav Cathedral.

The consecration crosses are taken down.

The relic is taken out of the altar.

















The Sunday was well utilized with  celebration of first communion at 9 and 13, solemn mass at 11, Mass in Polish at 16 and Mass in English at 18.

At 19.30 the church room was deconsecrated through a ceremony led by the Vicar General Dom Albert Maczka. He read a decree from Bishop Bernt Eidsvig and led the ceremony. After text reading, prayer and reading of the holy gospel, Maczka sad a short homily in which he drew lines from the 41 years of service in the old church, until the new cathedral will be ready in two years. Although the old church is demolished, St. Olav parish will remain. Unlike the old church of rusty steel and harmful asbestos, the parish consist of living stones bound together by Christ's blood.

During the deconsecration the consecration crosses was taken down, the relic removed from the altar and the Eucharist taken from the tabernacle. These were carried in procession to the new chapel in the parish hall where the ceremony was completed.

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Video of the ceremony
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