Our widespread Parish all around Sør-Trøndelag: Ørlandet

As readers of this web-site already are aware, the Cathedral Parish of St. Olav comprises much more than St. Olav Cathedral in Trondheim. Mass is celebrated every month at Oppdal, Støren, Ørlandet, Frøya and Løkken Verk. On Saturday 10. January we went with p.Egil to Ørlandet.

Ørland Station Chapel with the congregation

P.Egil and the Philippino women discuss which songs should be sung during mass

A wide-awake and observant look from Teo Martin

From the feast after mass

P.Egil celebrates mass

At Ørlandet the parish rents the Station Chapel which lies just outside Ørland Main Air Station. Having crossed the Trondheim Fjord by hydrofoil to Brekstad, we caugt a taxi to the Main Air Station. Here we were issued with a key to the chapel by a very smart soldier on sentry duty. 

The chapel is a small attractive room built in 1942 with seating for 40 persons. Mass this Saturday was conducted mainly in Norwegian and with a few English additions. Because the congregation consists mainly of Philippinos it had been agreed that we would celebrate the Philippino feast in honour of<link https: en.wikipedia.org wiki external-link-new-window external link in new> Santo Nino av Cebu. Normlly this is celebrated on the 3rd Sunday in January, but since there is no mass at Ørland that Sunday we jumped the gun.

Mass was accompanied by song from the Philippino women present. After mass we had a Santo Nino party with lovely Philippino food, cordial, coffee and waffles, and we had plenty of time to chat.

The women were a little ashamed because they were unsure of both texts and melodies for the songs they shoud sing. They agreed that it was time to start a choir so they could practise ahead of time. 

Do you want to join the choir? Contact person is Jolly Berg, phone 48 18 29 31. We already look forward to the song next time we can join in the mass at Ørland Station Chapel. 

And then I must ask: Where are you, all you other Catholics, Norwegian, Polish, Lithuanians etc etc? The mass is conducted in Norwegian and is of course open for all!