Pilgrimage to Selja and the Feast for St. Sunniva

The story about St. Sunniva is fascinating and inspiring. During the 900s princess Sunniva, an heir to an Irish kingdom, had to flee when she was being forced into marriage. St. Sunniva and her followers arrived on the island of Selja by Stadt, and it was on this island that St. Sunniva and her followers  suffered martyrdoms.

Selja is the first pilgrimage site in Norway, and recently 55 pilgrims from different parishes joined the pilgrimage to Selja: Our Lady parish in Ålesund with parish priest Ole Martin Stamnestrø and chaplain Waldemar Jachymczak; Santa Sunniva parish in Molde with parish priest Marcelin Rediu; St. Olav parish in Oslo; St. Paul parish in Bergen; and St. Olav parish in Trondheim.

The Feast for St. Sunniva was celebrated in the ruins of the 12 th century Benedictine monastery. It rained heavily and this appeared to be a challenge, but just like a miracle it stopped raining during mass! In his sermon, the priest explained how Sunniva still inspires us by her trust and strong faith. Without these, she would not have been able to make the journey. With neither sails nor oars she let weather and wind lead her to the place God wanted.

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