Pilgrims from the south

A happy crowd of pilgrims from the Catholic parish of Our Lady in Porsgrunn made their mark at this year's Olsok celebrations. P.Arne Fjeld, Prior i St. Dominikus, came along as pilgrim-priest. "Such a pilgrimage offers strong spiritual experiences for the individual," says the leader of the group, Ellen Wergeland, herself a member of the congregation inPorsgrunn. "The fellowship of the faithful touches us all in a very special way, and with our own pilgrim-priest, we have experienced a true pilgrimage."

The journey has been planned for a whole year, she explains. The 25 participants from Porsgrunn travelled by coach to Oslo, where another 10 people joined. The first stop on the way north was at  <link http: no.wikipedia.org wiki external-link-new-window external link in new>Dalegudbrands gård, and then on to <link http: no.wikipedia.org wiki external-link-new-window external link in new>Hjørundgard (the home of Kristin Lavransdatter). They spent the first night at Hjerkinn. Those who wanted to could then walk the pilgrim road on foot the 15 km. to Kongsvoll.

"It was incredibly beautiful to walk the pilgrim-route over the mountains," says Argentinian-born Maria Angelica Malmberg. "I did not hear about St. Olav during my childhood, but now I have met him through the Olsok celebrations. We were present at the play about St. Olav, it was fantastic, I have learnt so much."

In addition to their own activities, the group participated in the official Olsok-program offered by the Catholic Church. This has made for some long and demanding days. "We are worn out, as pilgrims should be. One day we kept going for 17 hours," explains a happy Ellen Wergeland. The closing days were more relaxed with more time for individual activities. The pilgrims are returning home with many good memories, and we here in Trondheim, who had the pleasure of spending time with them, are very grateful for their visit and thank them warmly for the good company they afforded us.