Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI writes about the Apostles and Jesus' first Disciples

Pope Emeritus Benedict introduces us to many of the central individuals that we read about in the Acts of the Apostles during the Easter period. "They were friends and fellow travellers of Jesus, and their journeying with Him was not only a physical journey from Galilee to Jerusalem, but also a spiritual, inner journey, which taught them to believe in Jesus Christ - not without difficulties, for they were people like us.

"Because they were companions of Jesus and because they came to believe through travelling this challenging road with Him , they make good guides for us. They show us who Jesus Christ really is, they help us to know Him, to love Him and believe in Him," says Benedict XVI.

Through his exceptional talent, balancing between academic stringency and simple, yet challenging story-telling, Benedict's text is not primarily an historical review. His focus is rather: What is the concrete and mystical context that today's Christians find themselves in? What can today's faithful learn from the Aposles and the first Christians?