Pre-Christmas Joy in many languages

The annual pre-Christmas concert in St. Olav parish was, as always, a great sucess. The house was full to bursting and there were colourful performances from many national groups. The most riveting performance was no doubt delivered by the large Eritrean group. With gusto and joy they sang Christmas songs with roots going back more than 1200 years.

Children and adults from the Polish and the Sri Lankan group.

The Eritrean group.

The children from the Polish group started the concert with a Lucia-procession and Polish Christmas songs. From Sri Lanka we heard a large group representing 

Christians, as well as Buddhists and Hindus. There were drums and songs from Peru, songs from Ghana and the Filippines and much more. The concert's last song was performed by three Norwegian ladies who sang Julekveldsvisa (The Christmas Eve Song) illustrated with lovely pictures. Towards the end the entire audience joined in communal singing of this song - Alf Prøysen's Julekveldsvisa gathered us all in common expectation and joy of the event we are all waiting for.

Sale of tickets and food brought in NOK 13.700 for new St. Olav domkirke.