Relic of the True Cross given to St. Olav Cathedral

Great was the surprise and joy when parish priest Klaus Rein from Einhausen in the diocese of Mainz gave a relic of the True Cross as a gift to our parish priest Egil Mogstad after High mass on Sunday 12. September. Once more a relic of Christ has come to Nidaros, said f. Egil. In 1165 a Holy Blood relic was given to Kristkirken (the Nidaros Cathedral). This initiated a special feast called Finger Gold, after the gold ring that carried the blood relic.

Photo: S.E. Fauskevåg

Both the relic and the feast disappeared with the Reformation. It is therefore a great occasion that a Relic of the True Cross has now been given to St. Olav Cathedral. F. Klaus Rein received the relic as a gift from another priest, on the condition that it be passed on. F. Klaus and his parishioners have joined in the fundraising of Bonifatiuswerk for the new St. Olav Cathedral in Trondheim. When F. Klaus realized that we had no such relic, he decided to pass it on to St. Olav Cathedral.

With this gift, a new tradition is born. Every 14. September, on the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, those who attend high mass will receive a blessing with the relic, says F. Egil Mogstad.