Russian pilgrimage for St. Olav

This year, like last year, a group of Russian pilgrims will walk for five days from the town of Luga and southwards. On 29. July, the feast day for St. Olav, they will arrive at their goal - the St.Peter and Paul church in the ancient city of Novgorod, where St. Olav lived for some time. In the church there is a venerated icon of St. Olav (see photo), which was consecrated by Pope Benedict XVI. Ever since Olav was martyred at Stiklestad in 1030 he has been highly revered in Novgorod by both Catholic and Orthodox Christians.

Pilgrims on their way to St. Olav's feast in Novgorod in 2013. Photo: Una Voce Russia

During the pilgrimage, there will be Holy Masses according to the extraordinary form of the Roman Rite (Traditional Latin Mass) and Divine Liturgies according to the Slavo-Byzantine Rite (the Russian Greek-Catholic rite). The pilgrims live very simply, sleeping in tents and cooking their own food in the open. The pilgrimage is arranged by Una Voce Russia  in cooperation with St. Nikolas parish in Luga and St.Cyril and Methodius parish in St.Petersburg. Norwegian Catholics are very welcome to participate.

When Olav was in Novgorod he lived with his brother-in-law, the Russian prince Yaroslav the Wise. Yaroslavs father was St. Vladimir who brought Christianity to Russia. His feast day is on 28. July according to the Slavo-Bysantine rite.  The celebration of St.Vladimir is thus also an important part of the pilgrimage.

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Would you like to take part? <media 13433 - - "TEKST, Pressemelding, Pressemelding.pdf, 102 KB">Information is available here. </media>