Saint Olav, our friend in heaven, pray for us!

We have a friend in heaven, and that is Saint Olav. He is Norway’s apostle—let us convey the joyful message. He is a soldier for Christ—let us strive for the expansion of God’s kingdom. He is the enemy of idolatry—let us fight everything that attempts to pull us away from Christ.

He is the founder of Christian peace and righteousness—let us work for peace and let Christ’s law inscribe our hearts. He is a pillar in Christ’s Church—let us stand strong and adamant, and be the bearers when the enemies seek to destroy Her. He is a flame of God’s love—let our passion burn for the Church and our fellow man. He is the Church’s constructor—let us construct beautiful churches to honor the Lord, and let us be the very rocks in his constructions on earth.

He is a martyr for the one true faith—let us dare to fight and die for our faith. He is a miraculous helper for the sick—let us help those who are sick and in need of our care and compassion. He is the speaker of Norway for God’s throne—let us be the bearers for truth and goodness in our nation. Saint Olav, our friend in heaven, pray for us!