The altar wall is safely removed.

Thursday afternoon, the altar wall was lifted safely out of the old church.

The alter wall was lifted out through a hole in the roof.

The alter wall as we remember it.

AF Decom ensured thorough package and support in wood and steel.

The artist himself, Håkon Bleken, attended the event.

A piece of art, high up in the air.

Safely down again.

A gaping hole is all that is left.

The alter wall with the mosaic made by Håkon Bleken was today lifted out of the old St. Olav's Cathedral to a new life at Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum. 

There was great excitement for this operation. Many feared that the wall of 6 x 10 m would collapse during the move. The firm responsible for the move, AF Decom, had prepared the wall thoroughly with wooden boards enclosed in a heavy steel frame. 

Gross weight of the wall was 26 tons, which was an easy task  for the powerful crane, good for lifting up to 160 tons. The operation was a precision work that has required a lot of planning. The result was very successful. Hanging 7 m up in the air, the wall landed safely on the ground. Not a single stone had come loose. 

The artist was present and witnessed the event. He was very excited about the outcome of the operation, and was happy that it ended successfully. 

The wall was laid down on a platform of steel beams. Here it will rest during the vacation, waiting for special transportation to the Sverresborg Trøndelag Folk Museum. How the wall will be erected there is not known, so it will still be an exciting time for one of Bleken's major works.

In a few weeks, only dust will be left of the old St. Olav's Cathedral. But the altar wall with its modernist church art will remain, presumably for the pleasure of both old and new eyes. 

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