The altarpiece will be moved to the Museum of Science

On Thursday 27. September the happy news was announced. "Selskabet for Trondhjems Bys Vel" a local institution for the arts, will ensure that Håkon Bleken's artwork will get a new lease of life.

[Translate to Engelsk:] Foto: Knut Einar Larsen

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The link above takes you to news articles from the local paper, Adresseavisen. Here is a brief summary of the story in English:

Håkon Bleken was commissioned for the altarpiece in 1973. With the current plans for building a New St. Olav church, there will be no room for this artwork, which measures ten by six metres. Moving it will cost several million kroner, an expense the parish is unable to cover. We are very grateful that money is made available through the local organisation Tronhjem Bys Vel, so that the work can be moved and preserved. It will get a central position in the local Museum of Science and will be a splendid representation of modern church art in the museum's church-art collection.