The Chaldaic group in Norway gets it own priest

A happy Faraj Asmaro, leader of St Josef's Church Group for Chaldean people in Norway, has recently informed us that Father Rooni Yousif from Irak has been appointed priest in Norway from 1. November 2015. He will live at Jessheim, close to the airport, to simplify travel to the towns where Chaldaic groups are established. Chaldeans are Christians from Irak and the Middle East generally.


St. Joseph Chaldean Catholic Church (Troy, Michigan)

This means that the Chaldeans will be able to celebrate mass according to their own rites more frequently. Chaldaic rites do not differ substantially from the Latin rites commonly used in Norway, except that mass is celebrated in Aramaic (the language it is believed Jesus spoke). In Norway this church is organised by St. Josef Association for Chaldeans in Norway. 

P. Egil asks all Chaldeans in our area to get in touch with himself or with<link http: c1qhq external-link-new-window external link in new> Faraj Asmaro, to establish how many Chaldeans live in Trondheim and surrounding districts. If anyone reading this knows Catholic Christians from the Middle east, please inform them of this news.



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