The children's St. Olav's Run raised kr. 11 700.

The weather wasn't the best, but that didn't stop thirty children and youngsters (some a few decades past confirmation age!) from entering the Parish Council's St. Olav's Run for Children to raise money for the new church.

The first participants taking the lead.

Participants and other volunteers at the start of the race.

In addition to the runners there were many adult volunteers who served as timekeepers along the route and who helped to serve the much welcome refreshments after the race. (The refreshments were donated by a member of the parish.)

On average the runners covered the track twice - the track distance was 400 meters - very impressive! But just as impressive is that the event raised over 11 000 for the new church.

Participants and volunteers have every reason to be pleased with the effort! And who knows, with such sucess we might see the start of a new tradition.