The Creation Story seen through the eyes of the First Communion Children

In St. Olav Parish there are around 20 children preparing for first communion this year. They normally meet on Mondays between 5 and 6.15 pm. Four women from the parish are responsible for the teaching: Lena, Bernadette, Pia and Nicole.

Three creation stories and three churches. Well done!

The meetings start with all the children gathered for prayers and an introduction to the evening's topic. Then they divide into smaller groups to work. The activities are varied and interesting. Some examples of the activities include dramatizing Bible stories, quizzes from stories they have been told, build with Lego or ma  De driver en variert undervisning. For eksempel kan ungene dramatiserer bibelhistorier, ha quiz om stoff som er gjennomgått, bygge med Lego and make collages. The photos show a visual presentation of the creation story. They have also worked with church-buildings as shown by the Lego-buildings. From time to time they have Saturday gatherings which include Family Mass. There is such a gathering coming up on Saturday 31. January at 10 am.

This is vitally important work. These children are the future Church in Trondheim.