The last Church Consecration Feast for 'old' St. Olav

On 8. September is the Church Consecration Feast in St. Olav. The process of demolishing the present church will start early in 2014. The building is in such a poor condition that any hope of renovating the church has been abandoned. This year it will be 40 years since the church was consecrated and it will be the last time we celebrate the consecration.

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The consecration took place on 9. September 1973 and was led by Bishop Johannes Rüth, with seven bishops and nine priests participating. The then 'new' church replaced the church from 1897, which had been built on the property bought by the Catholic Church from Norway's National Railways. The whole area had been a railway station for the «Trondhjem - Støren Line» which was opened in 1864, as the first railway line in Trøndelag. 

The property which was bought by the Catholic Church had been the site of the loc-shed. The loc-shed was rebuilt to become St. Olav Church, and an adjacent building was rebuilt to serve as vicarage, school and church hall. More than 70 years later, the day after the consecration in 1973, the local paper, Adresseavisen, wrote: 

It has been jokingly commented that the Catholic congregation in Trondheim once bought a loc-shed and made it look like a church. Now they have built a new church which looks like a loc-shed.

We will soon be back with more news about today's new church which is about to be built. See also New St. Olav Cathedral in the left menu.