The last piece in place!

On the 26th of October the new St. Olav Cathedral was formally handed over. During a handover the client and the contractor carry out an inspection of the site to see that everything has been completed according to the contract. The building was examined thoroughly by a group of people from Trondheim Diocese and HENT, and at 6 pm the keys to the new church were handed over.





The construction of the church has been a good process, says economist for the Diocese of Trondheim Per Albert Vold. We have been told that this work really meant something to the builders, and that the workers more than once have made an extra effort to make the church as beautiful as possible.

During the inspection no serious defects were discovered, and the parties have agreed upon the things that need to be mended or completed before November 19th. On Monday we can start to move in, says Per Albert.