The new church bells rang for Olsok mass on Friday 29 July

The six new church bells arrived from the producers in Poland just in time for Olsok, and were blessed by bishop Bernt Eidsvig. For those who participated in the ceremony, it was a moving moment, from the blessing of the bells while they were still on ground level, until all six where lifted to the top of the bell tower.

Competent Polish craftsmen made the installation of 1,3 tons of bells look like an easy job. After the ceremony the bells were rung, their sound was adjusted, and for the Pontifical mass in Nidaros Cathedral at 14:30 the bells rang for the first time from the bell tower of the new St. Olav Cathedral. The next time we hear the ringing of the bells named Glad, St. Olav, St. Eystein, Sta. Sunniva, St. Hallvard and St. Torfinn will be on 19. November, when the inauguration of the church takes place. The bell “Glad” is named after the famous bell of St. Clemens church, the very first church in Nidaros. It rang by itself when St. Olav’s body was placed in the church in 1030, and when king Magnus Olavsson prayed to God and St. Olav for help during an important battle.

Our new church has a detached bell tower. At present there is only the steel structure, which will be covered by masonry walls, and the bells will come under roof. For the time being they are visible for people passing by.