The whole world under one roof!

The rebuilt and redecorated parish hall was given a marvellous send-off when more than 200 people from many of the 100 nationalities in St. Olav parish met for a fantastic parish feast. Both spirits and the sound volume were hign while people flocket to the tables where delicious food from many countries were served. The Filipinos almost brought the roof down with their bamboo-dance, especially when they sucessfully challenged Parish Priest dom Albert Mazcka to join in the dancing.

Filippino Tinikling (bamboo dance)

We can thank our new parish council for this marvellous arrangement. Although twice as many as had been catered for turned up, the participants felt that this was a great occassion. Dom Albert and the 50 Polish carpenters who have rebuilt and redecorated the parish hall in their spare time had made a splendid setting for the feast.

We interviwed the cooks to learn more about the food. From the Eritrean kitchen was served the traditional Enjera (griddle cake) with Zigni (hot meat sauce). From the Polish kitchen we had many dishes, Bigos (pickled cabbage with meat), pierogi and ptysie (filled choux pastry) to mention just a few. The Vietnamese served fried noodles, spring rolls and crab soup, the Filippinos spare rib, Afritata (chicken), Adobo (chiken in sauce) and much more. Norwegian reindeer was also on the menue.

As the cultural entertainment began the sound volume sank a little. First out was a quiet piano piece which demanded concentrated listening, and then things took off again: Phillipino flamenco followed by Tinikling - the bamboo dance, which was anything but quiet! Two bamboo sticks were beaten rythmically while light footed, barefoot ladies jumped between them in danger of being beaten black and blue if they missed the gaps. The parish priest survived witout harm, but then he was allowed to practice without the sticks being beaten. His energy and engagement was impressive.

We who were present are filled with gratitude and joy at belonging to a World Church where we all can gather under one roof, while we at the same time retain our unique national identities.