This is how the interior of the New St. Olav Cathedral looks at the moment

When we go to Mass we observe the building of the new St. Olav Cathedral as it moves towards completion, but few have seen the inside of the new building. This recent photo taken by the photographer who documents the construction process may be of interest to the parishioners.

Photo: Knut Einar Larsen

In the church room the bricklaying is almost completed, says Knut Einar Larsen, who is responsible for the documentation. We see the circular choir in front of the rounded apsis, with one half of the circle into the apsis, and the other half out towards the nave. In accordance with tradition there are three steps that lead up to the altar. First two, then another that leads up to the square were the altar will stand. If we imagine the church room   without the scaffolding, we may take in the beauty of this room and look forward to November 19 when all the beautiful furnishings will be in place for the inauguration of the new St. Olav Cathedral.

Further information about the furnishings that still remain to be funded will appear later on this website. Substantial funding is still required, even though we may be pleased about all the items that are already bought thanks to gifts from individuals, families and national groups in St. Olav Parish.

Gifts may be sent to account number 4200.41.49437. One may also contact the fund raising committee directly, Isabel and Terje Bjørnaas 906 48 770 or 977 44 114.