This website will soon be available in Polish!

We are one parish, and it is natural that we should have one common website, said p. Piotr Ostafin at the planning meeting on Monday 20 June. Aleksandra Jurus has volunteered to translate from Norwegian into Polish, and we wish her heartily welcome to our editorial group. She will receive help from p. Piotr and p. Slawek Czuba when she needs it.


Aleksandra Jurus, new member of the editorial group, responsible for translation from Norwegian into Polish.

Until now the Polish part of the parish has had its own website, with Aleksandra Jurus as its editor. They were the first to establish a website, some months before in 2012. If everything goes as planned, the Polish version of will be ready by September 1, says Aleksandra. Time will show if we still need a separate website for the Polish, she says.

The Polish Catholics constitute half of our parish. Many will probably appreciate that the two halves of the parish meet on the internet in one common website. When summer has passed, the Polish flag will appear beside the Norwegian and the English.