Two giants of the Lord

Brother Cyril Ampe from Munkeby and Pater Olav Müller from Trondheim met recently at Munkeby Monastery to say their final goodbyes. Brother Cyril will be returning to Citeaux in France on 27. November due to health problems. This was a meeting between two giants, two hard workers from the Lord's vineyard. Together they have served the Lord for 110 years.

P. Olav Müller and Brother Cyril Ampe. Photo: Hæge Hestnes

Brother Cyril is one of the four monks who came from Citeaux to establish the monastery at Munkeby in 2009. He was born in 1927 and gave his first vows to the Cistercians in 1960.

Pater Olav is probably well known to most of you. He converted to Catholisism in 1944 in Sweden, gave his first vows to the Pickpus Order in 1949 and was consecrated to the priesthood in Trondheim in 1954. He has worked as deacon and later parish priest in Trondheim, Ålesund, Kristiansund and Drammen.

It was an extraordinary occasion when pater Olav made the trip out to the monastery close to Levanger. Brother Cyril reads Norwegian, and pater Olav reads French, but they have little spoken language in common. The conversation was hardly hampered by this lack. P.Olav used his school French from 69 years back (impressive!) - and when they got stuck they got help from multi-linguist p. Egil.

The two have met before, but this time it was for the final 'farwell and see you in Heaven!' God's Speed to two good workers from the Lord's vineyard!