Votive mass for the Holy Spirit with blessing of the new vestments and processional banner

"Considered in the light of Olav's youth and violent background it is easy to conclude, that almost exactly one thousand years ago he must have undergone a conversion", said Bishop Bernt Eidsvig in his homily during the opening of this year's Feast of St. Olav. "The conversion was confirmed through his baptism. He learnt to see what it was Christ wanted him to do, and he did it. The guidance and support of the Holy Spirit is evident all along in Olav's life."


[Translate to Engelsk:] Biskop Bernt Eidsvig velsigner messehagler og fane. Foto Henriette Teige

After his homily, the bishop blessed the new vestments and the processional banner. These will be used for the first time during the procession at Stiklestad on Sunday 28. July, says Dom Albert Maczka.