We present the new parish council: Trude Waage

As we have mentioned earlier on these web-pages, Trude arrived from Tromsø, but she did not grow up there. She is a genuine Trondhjems-lass and spent her childhood at Byåsen. It was studies which took her to Tromsø, and once there she stayed for twenty-one years.

She studied law and psychology and works as legal advisor at NAV, dealing with things such as child allowances, sickness benefits and disability pensions. 

When she returned to Trondheim in 2012 she moved back to Byåsen, literally back to her roots, and there, between Lianvannet and Kyvannet, she lives together with her family. With four children, husband, two dogs and a full-time job there is not much time for hobbies, but she enjoys reading about the faith and the Church. She finds much literature on these topics on the web, and the books by Wilfred Stinesen she would recommend to everyone. She also plays the piano when time allows.

The Church is very important to Trude. Being a Catholic is something she has chosen. She converted to Catholisism in 1996 in the parish of Our Lady in Tromsø and she has been an active member of that parish, both in the parish council and in the teaching of young children. Her knowledge from Tromsø will no doubt serve her well when she now begins her work in the parish council in St. Olav.

There are many good reasons why Trude wishes to be a member of the parish council. She thinks that being involved is important. As she says, nothing happens by itself, there must be people who are willing to do their part, whether it is singing in the choir, helping with the teaching, organising the church coffe or being a member of the council. She feels that attending mass is not enough, one must also be willing to contribute something. Her experience is that if you are willing to get involved and to help get the jobs done you gain much more than you give. You get to know people, get new friends, learn about the way the Church functions and understand what is going on and why. All this leads to a greater sense of belonging which is very valuable, she says.

In the parish council she hopes to be able to contribute with what she can do best. As a lawyer and an academic, and with Norwegian as her mother-tongue, she is able to express herself both orally and in writing. In addition, she has a good grasp of legal processes. All this will be useful in in the many and varied matters the parish council has to deal with. The council clearly appreciates her strenghts, she was elected secretary at their first meeting.

Trude is very satisfied with the way the council has started its work. She especially praises the initiative taken by our parish priest Dom Albert. He organised a full day's training for the new members. Here they were introduced to the legal framework of the council and the practical responsibilities which rests on them. This has set a good standard for the work of the new parish council, she says. Tromsø no doubt misses Trude, but we in St. Olav in Trondheim are grateful that she decided to come "home".