Welcome Fr. Marcos Pablo Banzon Delos Trinos!

As many may have noticed already, a new priest has arrived in St. Olav parish. Father Marcos Pablo is from the Philippines, and his pastoral responsibilities will be towards people of Philippine origin in Midt-Norge (Central Norway). This means he will be travelling a great deal, although Trondheim will be his home base.


Fr. Marcos Pablo Banzon Delos Trinos

Please call me fr. Marlo, he says. This is a combination of Marcos and Pablo which is the name he has become used to during his 21 years as a priest. He was born 10 November 1965 in Balanga Bataan on the Philippines. He was ordained as a deacon in Hong Kong, followed by his ordination to the priesthood 27 December 1997 on the Philippines. He served 9 years as a priest in Hong Kong, where he learnt to speak and write Chinese. After this he served in a Philippine parish located in Binmaley in the Northern province of Pangasinan. In addition to Tagalog and Chinese, he speaks English. 

Being grateful that fr. Marlo is willing to serve as priest in Trondheim prelature, we wish him heartily welcome and hope he will be happy here.