Welcome to Pater Piotr

The new chaplain of St. Olav parish has now arrived. On Sunday 2. September Pater Piotr (Peter) Ostafin concelebrated mass with our parish priest Dom Albert Maczka for the first time.

Pater Piotr Ostafin was born on 9. December 1967 in Krosno in Polen. He was ordained on 28. May 1994 in Przemysl. He has worked 14 years in Kasakhstan, and comes to us from his work in the church office in Nort in Warsaw. He is fluent in four languages, Polish, Russian, Kasakh and English, and now he is going to learn Norwegian. (Catholic priest all seem to be linguistic geniuses!) His experiences from Kasakhstan will most likely be of great help to him in Trondheim. The congregation there was an international, minority congregation, just as we are here in Trondheim. Pater Piotr was formally appointed to our parisg by Bishop Bernt Eidsvig. We welcome Pater Piotr warmly and wish him all the best.