St. Olav menighets segl

St. Olav Catholic Cathedral Parish, Trondheim




The election of a new congregation council on December 4.

We are here presenting the candidates for this year's election. 13 persons with background from 6 different nationalities have been suggested, and have agreed to be members of the congregation council. From these, five persons will be elected. [more]


See the video and listen to the music from the Incensing of the Altar in St. Olav Cathedral on November 19th!

A very special video is now available on Youtube from this very solemn moment during the Inauguration of the new cathedral in Trondheim. The music which accompanies this ceremony is ”Ingressus Solemnis Regis Olavi” by the Norwegian composer Henning Sommerro, sung by Schola Sanctae Sunniva. The video was produced by Jan Erik Kofoed.[more]


The first Polish Mass in the new St. Olav Cathedral

St. Olav Cathedral was full when Solemn Polish Mass was celebrated on November 20th, the day after the Inauguration, by former Primas of Poland, Archbishop Josef Kowalczyk. [more]


St. Olav Cathedral has been consecrated!

Cardinal Cormac Murphy-O’Connor, Archbishop Emeritus of Westminster, consecrated our new Cathedral during a splendid Solemn Pontifical Mass on the 19th of November. The Sanctuary lamp is from now on kept alight before the Tabernacle to honour the presence of Christ in our church. [more]


Grace upon Grace!

At last the day was here! The church doors opened, and an expectant crowd that was waiting outside was let in for the first time on Friday the 18th of November to what parish priest Egil Mogstad called a “prelude” to the Consecration of the new St. Olav Cathedral. On the programme was organ recital and blessing of gifts, followed by Solemn Vespers...[more]


A dignified farewell to the interim church.

On Thursday 17th November our parish said goodbye to the Spartan premises that have served as church for two and a half years. For many this was a day of relief, not least for the priests who have been working under very difficult circumstances. Mass and Vespers were sung during this last evening. [more]


Programme for the Inauguration of the new St. Olav Cathedral

There will be a varied program from Thursday 17th to Sunday 20th November. The first opportunity to visit the new St. Olav Cathedral will be on Friday 18th at 5.30 pm for the blessing of gifts and organ recital. [more]


An altar rail specially made for St. Olav Cathedral

This altar rail is a unique piece of craftsmanship from the Oppdal based firm Frank Smed, inspired by the one in Stiklestad church. It has been a great honour for us to make this alter rail for the new St. Olav Church, says Arne Solve Strand, who is busy installing the rail with the help of his colleague Rune Hage. We work on many different...[more]


A very interesting organ

Our new organ may be heard for the first time on Friday November 18th at 17:30 hrs (see the programme in the right column). Organ builder Espen Selbæk and his two colleagues have worked intensively for a long time to complete the new organ.[more]


Mass in latin on Sundays at 9am.

We take it seriously that we are a Catholic cathedral, and the first mass on Sundays will be in Latin, which is the universal language of the Church. This begins on the First Sunday of Advent, says Parish priest Egil Mogstad. [more]


A new relics box and new relics for our new Church

For the inauguration of the new St. Olav Domkirke, the church will also incluce five new relics. A relic box in silver will be lowered into a sepulchrum (a hollow space) in the altar.[more]


The crucifix for our new church has arrived!

After mass on All Souls’ Day some of the participants volunteered to carry the newly arrived crucifix into the New St. Olav Cathedral. It has been made by the Spanish firm Granda. For the participants it was a very special and moving occasion.

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