St. Olav menighets segl

St. Olav Catholic Cathedral Parish, Trondheim




Baptism of the Lord.

The Baptism of the Lord is celebrated on Sunday, January 7. This marks the beginning of Ordinary Time, which is celebrated in two segments: from the Monday following the Baptism of Our Lord up to Ash Wednesday; and from Pentecost Monday to the First Sunday of Advent. This makes it the largest part of the Liturgical Year.


Christ Bless this Home! Epiphany on January the 6th

There is a beautiful Catholic tradition in connection with the celebration of Epiphany: the Blessing of peoples' homes. Originally, the parish priest would visit each home and write above the door with a piece of chalk. This is hardly practical in larger cities. [more]


On Boxingday, 26. December, we celebrate St. Stephen, first martyr of the Church

Stephen was accused of blasphemy by the Sanhedrin (the Jewish Council) and stoned to death outside Jerusalem. There was no court case and he was not given the opportunity to defend himself. Present in the crowd was a young man named Saulus of Tarsus who looked after the cloaks of the stone throwers. It was this man who later became St. Paul, the...[more]


Fundraising brought 105 000 NOK for outdoor lighting

A very happy Isabel Bjørnås, leader of the fundraising committee, says several events from September to December brought 52 000 NOK for the planned outdoor lighting. The funds were raised during the childrens’ “Race for St. Olav Cathedral”, the feast of St. Lorenzo Ruiz, the Christmas market and three “first Sundays” of the month. [more]


Luciafeiring i St. Olav domkirke

Kateketene inviterer alle barn, foreldre og venner til å være med å feire Sta Lucia onsdag 13. november. Programmet starter kl.17:00 og fortsetter frem til kl. 20.00 med et lite foredrag om Santa Lucia, øvelse og forberedelse til messe kl. 18.00, og servering og underholdning i Atriet i Menighets-senteret. Alle som kan, bes ta med noe som kan...


Welcome to Lectio Divina in English during Advent

In this Advent Season, we have Lectio Divina every Wednesday led by deacon Paul, beginning at 6:40 pm, from 6 – 20 December. Come and experience the joy of God’s grace as we pray with the Advent Sunday gospel readings.[more]


December 8th: The Feast of the Immaculate Conception

The Immaculate Conception, according to the teaching of the Catholic Church, was the conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary in the womb of her mother, free from original sin by virtue of the foreseen merits of her son Jesus Christ. [more]

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