St. Olav menighets segl

St. Olav Catholic Cathedral Parish, Trondheim




Catechesis for Confirmation and First Communion will soon start

An invitation has been sent to everyone belonging to these age groups, but for different reasons some may not have received this by mail. The invitations are now available on our website. The Confirmation candidates should fill in the attached registration form. [more]


En verdig og innholdsrik dag i Den katolske kirkes nasjonale Olsokfeiring

Olsok i Trondheim begynte med en svært spesiell begivenhet. Statuen av Hellig Olav i Nye St. Olav domkirke ble kronet under en høytidelig seremoni. Olavsalteret med Olavsrelikvien er nå blitt et sted som lyser av hellighet og inviterer oss til å be om vår evige konges forbønn. [more]


The Olsok celebration has started!

The Olsok celebration of 2017 started on the 27th of July with a mass dedicated to The Holy Spirit. Parish priest Egil Mogstad expressed the joy and gratitude felt by all that at last we were able to celebrate Olsok in our new church, after two years’ of ”exile” during the building process. [more]


Let us celebrate St. Olav!

I would like to encourage everyone in St. Olav Parish to participate in this year’s Olsok celebration in Trondheim and at Stiklestad, says parish priest Egil Mogstad. The opening mass in our new cathedral, the Olsok Mass in Nidarosdomen, and last but not least the pilgrimage to Stiklestad and mass in Stiklestad Church are important events that...[more]


Saint Olav, our friend in heaven, pray for us!

We have a friend in heaven, and that is Saint Olav. He is Norway’s apostle—let us convey the joyful message. He is a soldier for Christ—let us strive for the expansion of God’s kingdom. He is the enemy of idolatry—let us fight everything that attempts to pull us away from Christ.[more]


Olsok program in four languages!

Under the menu button named ”Olsok 2017” you may now find the program for The Catholic Church's national celebration of Olsok - St. Olav Feast - in Trondheim and at Stiklestad 2017 in four languages: English, Norwegian, Polish and German. [more]


Cancellation for Olsok

Unfortunately, Bishop Paul Tighe will not be able to come for the Olsok celebration because of an accident that caused a broken leg. The Diocese and the Olsok Commission are working to find someone to replace him for the pontifical mass in Nidaros cathedral on 29 July. Information will be given as soon as a solution has been found.

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