St. Olav menighets segl

St. Olav Catholic Cathedral Parish, Trondheim




The St. Olav altar is now consecrated

After High Mass on June 25th, the third of a total of four altars in St. Olav domkirke was consecrated by Bishop Bernt Eidsvig. (The two previously consecrated are the high altar and the St. Mary altar, while the baptism altar still remains.)[more]


Visit from the Vatican for Olsok!

Bishop Paul Tighe, Official of the Pontifical Council for Culture, will participate in this year’s Olsok celebration. He was invited to Oslo by the Norwegian Ministry of Culture, and accepted the invitation from bishop Bernt Eidsvig to Trondheim and Stiklestad for the celebration of St. Olav after his visit in Oslo.[more]


Consecration of the St. Olav altar in St. Olav Cathedral on Sunday 25 June

During high mass at 11:00 bishop Bernt Eidsvig will consecrate the St. Olav altar. A relic from Sta. Birgitta will be placed inside the altar. After Pontifical Laudes 9:00 on the Solemnity for St. Olav on 29 July, the crowning of the St. Olav statue above the altar will take place.


The Solemnity for the birth of John the Baptist.

During the liturgical year the Church commemorates three birthdays, those of Christ, St. Mary and St. John the Baptist. St. John the Baptist, who was six months older than Jesus, was designated to be his forerunner, and to prepare the way before him. For this reason the Church teaches that St. John the Baptist was cleansed of original sin before...[more]


Requiem mass for Fr. Alfeo Ganoy Botero.

From the Philippines the message arrived that our dear fr. Alfeo Ganoy Borero died on 11 June. Fr. Alfeo was parish priest of St. Sunniva parish in Molde from March to December 2007. After that he came to Trondheim and was chaplain of St. Olav Parish from July 2009 to September 2012, when he moved back to the Philippines. [more]


First Communion in the new Cathedral!

Joyful and solemn celebration of First Communion in the new St. Olav Cathedral on Trinity Sunday 11 June. The Polish children celebrated first communion during mass in Polish at 14:00 on the same day. [more]


The first Confirmation in the new St. Olav Cathedral!

After many years in rented locations due to lack of space in the old church, St. Olav parish witnessed the confirmation of 30 young people by bishop Bernt Eidsvig in our new and beautiful church on Pentecost Sunday. Congratulations! [more]


John Paul II’s square, one step forward

On Pentecost Sunday, and the Confirmation Sunday in St. Olav Cathedral, the mounting of the memorial plaque of St. John Paul’s visit to Trondheim in June 1989 was marked by bishop Bernt Eidsvig during a small ceremony. He expressed his joy that the square will be named after the Holy pope John Paul II.[more]

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