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    Holy Thursday

    Holy Thursday is the Church's celebration of the initiation of the eucharist. The tradition of foot-washing originated in Rome, where the pope would…

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    Good Friday and Easter Saturday

    Good Friday ('good' here meaning 'holy') was the longest day of Jesus' life, the day he died on the cross. Already around the year 300 did Christians…

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    Easter Octave

    In Norway we wish each other Happy Easter already before Palm Sunday, and when we return to work after Easter Monday we consider Easter to be over.…

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    Easter Triduum

    The Easter Triduum begins at Vesper on Holy Thursday. The Triduum symbolises the three days of Jesus' passion, death and burial. The Triduum lasts…

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    Happy Easter

    ...and a blessed Holy Week to all the readers of the parish web-page!

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    Russian pilgrimage for St. Olav

    This year, like last year, a group of Russian pilgrims will walk for five days from the town of Luga and southwards. On 29. July, the feast day for…

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