Egil Mogstad was appointed parish priest in St. Olav parish, Trondheim 29. October 2015. P. Egil was born in 1948 in Trondheim. After completing his theological studies in Oslo in 1974 he was ordained priest in the Norwegian Lutheran Church and worked as assistant priest in Nidaros Cathedral, but after two years, in 1976, he left the protestant church and converted to Catholisism. He then spent four years in a Dominican Monastery in France. Poor health and uncertainty as to his calling to be a monk brought him back to Trondheim. For 32 years he worked at Trondheim Cathedral School, teaching French, Latin, history and religious studies. In addition he taught liturgical history and general liturgy at the conservatory at NTNU. He was ordained a deacon in the Catholic Church at Olsok 2013 and consecrated to the priesthood the following year.

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Tomasz Mirosław Bazuła was born on September 5, 1979 in Dębica (Poland). He studied at the seminary in Tarnów where he took a master's degree in social studies. He was ordained a deacon in May 2005 in Zawada and ordained a priest on May 20, 2006 in Tarnów, and is incarnated in Tarnów. He has previously been chaplain in Stróże 2006–2009, Bruśnik 2009–2012 and in Mielec – Ducha Świętego 2012–2014.

P. Tomasz came to Norway on 30 August 2014 and has been chaplain in St. Sunniva parish in Molde, in St. Eystein parish in Kristiansund and in Our Lady's parish in Ålesund. From 29 August 2021, he is the chaplain in St. Olav's Cathedral Parish in Trondheim

phone: (+47) 405 79 884 (mobil)


Ulf Schancke has been cantor in St. Olav Parish for 13 years altogether. As cantor he is responsible for the liturgical music. He is organist, he leads the church choir and he decides which Mass will be sung for each Sunday and Feast Day. Ulf is also a considerable composer, and has composed much of what we sing during Mass, for Introit, Eucharistic Communion Chant and some Responsorial Psalms.