21.03. 5th Sunday in Lent
16.00: Mass /Filipino)  Celebration of 500-Years’Jubilee for The Christianisation of the Philippines

24.03.  Wednesday
17.00 : Devotion to Mother of Perpetual Help (English)

25.03. Thursday -  The Solemnity of the Annunciation of the Lord
12.00 : Mass (Norwegian)
18.00 : High Mass (Norwegian)

26.03. Friday
12.00: Mass cancelled

13.00: Funeral Pia Hoel

17.30: Stations of the Cross (Norwegian)
18.00: Requiem Mass for Pia Hoel
19.00: Stations of the Cross (English)                                                                            
19.30: Stations of the Cross (Polish)

28.03. Palm Sunday


15.03 – 18.03:
17.00: Novena til den hellige Josef

19.03. fredag - Høytiden for den hellige Josef, jomfru Marias brudgom
12.00: Messe
18.00: Høymesse   
          med installasjon og velsignelse av vår gamle Josef-statue

21.03  5. søndag i Fasten
16.00: Messe (filippinsk)
          feiring av 500-årsjubileum for Filippinenes kristning)

1. No meetings or gatherings with more than five participants shall take place in our locals, nor in the church, without beeing agreed upon with the secretary in forehand. This implies also place of meeting.

2. No room marked «No Access» shall be used by groups without agreement with the secretary or the parish priest. This means that small groups (max 5 p.)with no agreement, may only meet in the Atrium.

3. For all meetings and gatherings names and phonenumbers shall be enlisted, just as for Masses. Independently of group size.

The Parish Priest