Hello to all new students in Trondheim! Hello to all young professionals!

Albert Magnus Catholic Students Group is made by you, international young people, and is waiting for you!!! Together we try to develop our faith, in a social and friendly atmosphere. PLEASE READ THE NEW INFORMATION ADDED ON 24. AUGUST

Hello everybody,

First of all, since I have added several contacts to the mailing list during these days, let me give all new members of Albert Magnus a warm welcome!

We really hope you will feel home here!

It is time for some news about the coming activities.

ACADEMIC YEAR OPENING: Sunday 26th   of August, 11.00 a.m. in Nidaros Domen. This is the official celebration for   the opening of the new academic year. We should all participate to make our   group present and visible!

WELCOME PARTY: Sunday September   2nd, after the English Mass (which starts at 18.00). It will be a great   occasion to get to know each other, especially new members, and most of all to   have some fun. More details will follow; 

STUDENTS RETREAT: October 4th to   7th at Skirva fjellkyrkje in Telemark (South Norway), together with all other   young catholic communities in Norway. The programme consist of prayers, daily   Mass, hikes, lectures, good food - and great company! We will have to travel   to Oslo where the local group will drive us to Skirva. The price is 200 kr,   plus the travel expenses to Oslo. Depending on the number of participants   Albert Magnus will try to contribute to your expenses. This is a special   occasion to get in touch with other young catholics in Norway. If you are   interested please send an email to contact_albertmagnus@yahoo.com. 

RE-START OF ACTIVITIES: We plan to   start our Wednesday meetings the first or second week of September. More   information will follow.

Beside this, if there are musicians among you, if you play guitar, piano, any other instrument, have a beautiful voice, or just feel like you want to sing please come to talk to us and help us to animate the Sunday Mass. Furthermore, if there is any web master or somebody with a bit of experience in building websites please send help us: contact_albertmagnus@yahoo.com.

That's all folk! Hope to see you all soon. For new members: welcome and enjoy Trondheim!

Peace, Giovanni


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